DFAC Gourmet

If you have ever deployed, or lived in a college dorm, I bet you can sympathize with the monotony of cafeteria food on an endless loop of unidentifiable protein and soggy veggies. Sometimes you just need a break from Mexican Mondays and Spaghetti Fridays. So what is a foodie to do a thousand miles from her kitchen and trader joes? Shop the DFAC and blog about it!

From an undisclosed location on the other side of the globe, here are my collection of “recipes” using mostly standard issue cafeteria food and a little bit of Coalition ingenuity. The food is definitely not the prettiest, but it’s better than dining hall food for the 100th time. The cooking methods are crude and the recipes are not the most exact–you let me know if you packed a measuring cup, tablespoons, a wisk and immersion blender, ok?

The Basics, cooking appliances and spices and shit

If you want to experience the awesomeness, you will need some basic supplies to get started. I use a mini fridge, a microwave and a simple two slice toaster for my creations. I have a microwave-safeish bowl and plate, a small plastic cutting board and one good knife, everything else I suppliment from the dining hall–plastic forks and spoons and plastic containers to keep my ingredients in.

My dfac has a small selection of condiments and spices to use, I bring some back to my room and store in plastic ziplocks or containers for later use. The ones I use the most are cinnamon, curry powder, honey, soy sauce, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, mayo packets, mustard packets and bbq sauce.

On that note, if you are giving this a go, have fun and experiment, but please honor the simple rule of sharing your noms with friends and never wasting or taking to much food from the dfac that you won’t use.

Ok, done talking! On to the food!


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