It’s Spring!…kinda

The weather might not be cooperating, but its Easter week and the house has a few spring touches.  This new little gal is my favorite…

I also found these cute printables, the “He Is Risen” and Carrot pic fit nicely in some old frames I had.  I printed them online at my local Walgreen’s,  cute decor for less than $2.00!  I guess 2.5 years after getting married, I can change out my wedding pics and re-use the frames..!

The basket is a good will spray paint transformation, and moss from the Dolla Dolla Store.

I added the wreath this year, I like the flowers and needed something to hang on the fake mantle.  I have always wanted a ceramic egg crate from Anthropology, and when I spied a knock off at Michael’s for half price, it had to come home with me.

I spied this cutie at Lowe’s and just thought, “It’s getting warmer, I know I can keep this alive.”  Cue the snow.  Hopefully she makes it through, not like she needs indirect sunlight or anything…Regardless, I like her orange and pink colors.  Fingers crossed she lives longer than Spikey.

Somewhat random, but do you like the new header? I spent way to long making it, so the answer better be yes.  Just kidding..but seriously .I like it, guess that’s what matters!

How are you decorating for Spring?


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