Favorite Five of March

What’s your new favorite thing? Tried a new product lately and loved it? I feel like I get hooked on certain things, songs, TV shows, salads…and I am obsessed for a while, then on to something else.  This month here are some of my favorites!

what the dog saw

200px-What_the_dog_sawFrom the author of Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell’s book What the Dog Saw was my reading companion on my recent work trip.  I’m a fan of his other books, and this one was par for the course.  This book is a compilation of works he wrote for the New Yorker, it’s an easy read, and a majority of the book is thought provoking.  Like is other books, Malcolm has a way of examining the world around us and drawing some interesting conclusions.  The geek in me wonders where he gets all his data..?  I think Outliers is my favorite book of his, although I would recommend anyone reading this one.  Who wants to borrow my copy??


gUd body products

From the makers of Burt’s Bees comes a line of lotion, shampoo, conditioners and hand soap.  I love the chap-stick, I even have chap-stick  holder on my key ring, so I thought I’d stop in the store and try the gUd line.  Holy smokes, its smells amazing!  Their sents are very fresh and fruity, and it’s even natural, with no parabens or petrochemicals.  I say that like I know what parabens are..but I’m glad not to have them..I guess.  I ended up buying the Vanilla Flame hand lotion, I’m a sucker for a nice vanilla sent, one that isn’t too sugary-cupcake smelling.  Hop over to their site and like them on FB for a $1.50 off coupon!


sistema lunch containers


I received these as a holiday gift and have been using them non-stop since December.  I love the large bottom container which is great for bringing lots of salad and veggies to work, and the top shelf holds the right amount of hummus or salad dressing and salad toppings.  There are even plastic forks and knife that come apart and are stored under the shelf.  Very handy!  The containers are BPA free and you can even microwave or freeze them.  I was told they were bought at TJMaxx or HomeGoods, I might have to get a couple more!




Currently in its third season on Showtime, this CIA drama is my new obsession.  I think about the plot as I’m falling asleep, hubby and I have dates on the couch watching the next episode.  Its intense and suspenseful  and of course full of great drama!  The show debuted in 2011, and I guess I was living under a rock, because I only recently started watching.  Claire Danes does an amazing job portraying an unstable CIA analyst; she and the show have won lots of awards.  There is also many scenes with the manic Carrie (played by Danes) with her wobbly chin and cry face.  For such a pretty actress, she has many of these takes, her cry face has a fan site all its own!




This real estate search website/app is great for the nosy neighbor in all of us…or for finding your next house.  I love to look at houses that are for sale in my area and see what they look like on the inside.  I’m also using the site for our upcoming move.  Trulia has lots of data filters too, you can overlay crime rates or school zones and see where properties fall within.  I also like the previous sale prices and tax history, helps to get a feel of the area, or know how much your neighbor paid for his house!


One response to “Favorite Five of March

  1. gUd tips!
    My newest juice is Tart Cherry Juice by Knudsen! It helps muscle aches but can promote sleepiness so drink 8 oz in the evening!

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