Free & Easy Tricks to Decorating your house!

There are somethings you can’t change about your house.  Maybe it’s the placement of the windows or the height of your ceilings, whatever it is, you’re stuck with it.  Luckily, there are tricks of the trade that can make some of those issues disappear.  I’ve learned some of these things from dear friends and family, and they are echoed around the blogosphere.

1) Hang your drapes high & wide



Putting the drapery bar up near the ceiling or crown molding will give the illusion that you windows are bigger than they really are.  You might have to buy longer drapes and hem as necessary, but it is well worth it.  We used that technique when we hung bamboo blinds and drapes in our TV room.  Thank you to Renee for all the help!


Little window


dang, what a nice window

You might not have to go all the way to the ceiling, but extending the drapery rod and extra 4-8 inches on each side will help create the same effect.


source-Centsational Girl

2) Hang your art at eye level

Once you know this trick, you will walk into other homes and notice how the art is hung too high on most walls.

hanging-artwork-wrong1There is some debate as to what eye level is, so measure up 60 inches from the floor, and that is where the center of the art should be.  As summarized by DivineHome, if you’re hanging over a fixture like a buffet or sofa, bottom of the art should be 4-8 inches above, so as to make the art feel grounded in the room.

Another great trick is to use paper and cut out your artwork and do a test run on the walls.  I’ve done this before when hanging a lot of frames for a gallery wall, and liked the flexibility of seeing the wall hangings placement before I left nail holes all over the walls!


3) Less is More

Yup, save money and have a clutter-free home!  This trick is probably the easiest to do, but the hardest for me.  When accessorizing book shelves, ledges, mantels or vignettes  the trick is to not overwhelm the space.  Too much stuff is mental and visual clutter, you’re better off with less.  Groupings of odd-numbered items (usually 3 or 5) is pleasing, as well as varying the height and texture/color.


source ThriftyDecorChick

Love the varying heights of the candle sticks, as well as the pop of green and yellows.  The mirror, candle sticks, and wire thing act as 3 things, balancing out the space.


The layering shown in this picture is nice.  Also, notice the different heights and colors, although it all flows together.

Just because you shouldn’t display every single accessory you love, doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it.  I like to designate one storage shelf for home items that I can rotate in different places around the house.  You might have 3 vases and 2 cake plates, but not all have to be seen at once!

Hope these tips helped, and don’t forget about the other great sources out on the internet.  If you have a design question, ask the googler!!


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