Apple Pancake Dippers

I seem to have lots of posts with apples in them, are yall enjoying fall apples as much as I am??

This morning I woke up knowing exactly what I wanted for breakfast: apples and pancakes.  I found a Pinterest photo of apple slices dipped in pancake batter, and tossed on the griddle.  Done and done.

Hubby whipped up some pancake batter in a large measuring cup while I sliced apples.  Yes, an apple, the only thing that didn’t make it into the photo (duur..) I like to half the apple length wise, scoop out the core, then turn the apple the other direction and slice half moons.  I feel this gets a even thickness and flat apple slice, rather than slicing the apple radially.

Next, dip the slices into the thickened batter, coating all of it.  I let some batter drip off, but try to keep most on.  Then lay in a buttered skillet or griddle heated to medium low.  Let brown for about a minute, you will see the pancake batter bubble up and puff up and around the apple slice.  Flip and finish cooking on the other side.  Serve with yogurt kissed with maple syrup (for me) or large quantities of syrup (for hubby).


One response to “Apple Pancake Dippers

  1. I think it’s hilarious that our husbands just get away with eating gobs whatever they want. Not only can they eat about twice as much, but of the extra tasty stuff too, boo… Haha. This looks awesome!

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