Shipped off to Boston

Cue the Dropkick Murphy’s music and The Departed  now.  That song was all I could hum in my head as I journeyed to Boston this last week.  I had never been to Bean Town before, but I enjoyed it very much.  The weather was amazing in the 50’s and 60’s, the leaves were turning, and the town had the perfect mix of big city bustle and charming history.  I didn’t get to see or eat everything on my mental list, I’m sure I will be back.

I attended a conference and stayed south of the city near the water.  Our hotel was near the convention center and a 5 minute walk to the nearest metro (T station) which came in handy.  I’ll share where I went and what I ate in case you’re taking a trip too!

Around the Waterfront

We ventured from the hotel and found some great places to grab breakfast and lunch.  Try Sportello’s for their lunch boxes and Flour for their breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

Boston Commons Park and Gardens:

I took the T to the Park Street stop and walked around the open park and into the Public Gardens.  There are tons of people walking about and duckets in the pond.  There is also a Frog pond nearby and a statue of George Washington.

From there I walked around heading a couple blocks in-town and there are places to shop and eat (Macy’s, TJ Maxx, shoe shops, cafes).  Had I known better I would have eaten at Legal Seafood.  A famous chain restaurant,  Legal Seafood is well known and has great, well, seafood.  Everyone raved about it, although I never made it there! Bummer 😦


We took the Red Line to the Harvard stop and walked around the public grounds.  There are tourists and students walking around, most tourist gathering to take a photo of the John Harvard Statue, and rub is lucky gold foot.

It doesn’t take long for someone to stop and tell you about the “Statue of Three Lies” that you’re looking at.  Also, it doesn’t take long for a local to tell you that its custom for freshmen to pee on that foot at night!

Walking around the school there are lots of places to eat, as well as Harvard COOP for any Harvard themed memorabilia.  From there, our group walked to Grendel’s for a pint of beer and some mussels.

Top of the Prudential

If looking for something to do while downtown Boston, consider taking the elevator to the 54th floor to the top of the Prudential Building.  I can’t remember which T stop is closest, but it was about a 7 minute walk to the building.  There are lots of pubs and bars around if you want to grab something to eat.  The restaurant at the top of the Prudential is pricey, but made for great photos and at least one drink!

North Side

Boston has a neighborhood of restaurants like Little Italy, here its the North Side or Northie as we started calling it.

We ate some great Italian food and followed that up with a cannoli from famous Mike’s Pastry.  I didn’t think I liked a cannoli but I was so. wrong.


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