Autumn Decor

I’m enjoying this lazy autumn weekend, chores are done and I can’t wait for my shows to come on tonight!  I wanted to share some photos of the fall decor both inside and outside the house.

I found this old galvanized bucket at a garage sale this summer, and got the apple basket at the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market a month ago.   I’ve since replaced this yellow mum with a maroon one I got from the Apple Orchard..the yellow one was a Lowe’s $1 special, he didn’t make it 😦

Inside, in the living room I just love the cute acorn garland my mom gave me.  It came as a kit, and I taped the acorn tops to the bottoms and strung it up with my twine and tiny clothespins!  I attached two “Command” hooks on the sides of the stone fireplace, I’m excited to be able to put something up that resembles a normal mantle.  I’m thinking of adding some “Give Thanks” letters soon for Thanksgiving time.

I decorated the buffet piece in Harvest theme, with wishbone name card holders and turkey tea lights.  I also like the funkin on top of my cake stand plate.  I was thinking of painting a gold “Y” on the fake pumpkin, but haven’t gotten around to it…maybe next weekend??

Lastly the Halloween buffet in the kitchen area.  I was proud of myself for not buying any new Halloween stuff, I seem to have plenty as is (thanks Mom!)  I really love the ceramic eyes she sent me one year.  You can check out how I made the witch quote printable here.

Can’t believe Halloween is around the corner, hubby and I haven’t eaten too much candy yet!  I love my Twizzlers and KitKats!  What’s your favorite Halloween candy?


One response to “Autumn Decor

  1. Oh my gosh! I need you to decorate my house, lol. I hardly have the knack for it and I know it (sometimes I pretend I know what I’m doing with the little I have up!) Favorite halloween candy, huh? It’s not for Halloween specifically but I love buckeye candy. 🙂

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