Saturday Adventure: Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch

It’s Fall, ya’ll!  The weather in Ohio has definitely changed, its bring a coat, ditch your flip flops, get out the cozy socks kinda weather and I’m pretty excited.  I like fall sights and sounds, the only negative being it leads to cold, grey, dreary winter.  But other than that, fall and I get along quite well.  To take full advantage of the changing leaves and seasonal produce, we took a trip to the neighboring town of Yellow Springs.  We enjoyed the short drive to a local farm named Peifer Orchards.

I bought two of their gorgeous mums, some assorted apples, apple butter and Amish baby corn for popping.  I plan to make a pie later in the week as well as eat pop corn made on the stove top.  The baby corn is my favorite, more tender and “less hulls” as it says on the packaging.

I enjoyed seeing the pumpkins, gourds as well as the pumpkin fields.  It’s neat to see where food and produce actually comes from.

We met some friends along the way out to the pumpkin patch.  Tom the turkey was quite vocal, and Curly Sue even let hubby touch her nose!  I can’t get over her curly hair or curly horns!

It was a fun afternoon, can’t wait to eat my apples.  I’ve already had apple butter on English muffin’s for breakfast and on oatmeal last night.  I have a feeling this jar won’t last long.


One response to “Saturday Adventure: Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch

  1. This is awesome! I was just telling my husband last week, we must pick pumpkins next week so fall time doesn’t disappear before we get around to it.

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