Favorite Five-10/10/12

I hope these become a fairly regular thing, where I share with you my 5 favorite things, ideas, foods, songs or obsessions of the moment. Most of the time it will be food related, I can’t lie. Sometimes it will be seasonal, other times just plain random. I kinda feel like Oprah, maybe if I get some comments I’ll give these things away?? Or, maybe I’ll have sponsors and I’ll give away their stuff???

A girl can dream.

#1: La Croix Grapefruit Sparking Water

I have seen some of my friends drinking this recently so I picked up a pack last trip to the grocery store.  The water is all natural with no sugar or sodium and only natural fruit oil for the flavoring.  I have only tried the grapefruit variety, but I’m eager to try the lime.  It’s now my mid day pick me up, tart and bubbly!

#2: Baker’s Twine

I have been drooling over pretty colored twine since last Christmas, and I was sad when I couldn’t find it at a local craft store.  So, I did the only rational thing to do: ordered an eight color sampler pack online.  So now I am dreaming up ways to use it.  I’ve already used some brown twine to string paper acorns over the fireplace.  I’m thinking wrapping up Christmas cookies and stringing Christmas cards will be in store.  Go check out the Twinery!

#3: Revenge

Yes, this is my new, guilty pleasure, drama filled, 45 minute break from reality (sorry Grey’s Anatomy).  If you’re not watching it, you better have a good excuse!  Show comes on Sunday evenings on ABC and is. awesome.  Season 2 just started, so you have plenty of time to watch Season 1 online and get caught up.  This show is set in the Hamptons and features manipulation, deceit, secret identities, and good ole sex appeal.  And the lead actor/actress are dating off-screen.  This relationship better not ruin the show.

#4: Apples inside pancake batter!

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and thought the long lazy Columbus Day weekend was a good excuse to bust it out.  I was a little skeptical because some things on Pinterest are huge fails (epic Pinterest fails here!) however this was pretty simple.  I was going to use my fancy pants “peel, core and cut apple torture device” but I was too lazy to get it out and wash it when I was done, so I just cut very thin lateral apple slices.  I used a red apple and left the skin on, finding that the half slices were the best (more batter clung on that way).  I dunked the slices in regular pancake batter and  cooked both sides in a skillet.  The apple gets soft and the pancakes are a nice golden brown.  Slather in maple syrup and you have one happy girl!

#5: Immersion Blender and Accessories

The key to this favorite thing really is the accessories for me.  Unless you make creamy soups or baby food every week, I only use my immersion blender as it is intended in the fall and winter months.  I do however, use the immersion blender motor with the the chop and whisk attachments almost once a week.  I love the blender for a quick salsa, hummus, or to chop nuts.  I even used it to crunch up the graham cracker crumbs in my Greek Yogurt Cheesecake! It’s not very big, but is powerful and easy to clean.  I like the electric whisk to froth milk for at-home lattes.  I did however use my immersion blender this week, pureed some leftover roasted butternut squash with some coconut milk and chicken stalk into a nice soup, thankyouverymuch.


Welp, that’s it for now, hope you enjoy some of these things too.  What are you obsessed with right now??


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