Halloween Printables for Silhouette

My madre is throwing a witchy party for her friends down in Texas, and I volunteered my silhouette skills to make her some decorations.  I told her “Don’t dare by those Martha cut outs, I can make them soooo much better!” Well, that has yet to be determined.  I have a love/hate relationship with my silhouette, and asking it to cut thick sparkly paper pushed me into the hate category.  Although, once again, I learned if you use it right, most of the time the silhouette is great.  I also learned the values of test cuts and figuring out what cut depth is best for the paper you’re using.  All that being said, here are some ideas if you are throwing a Halloween par-tay!!

Witch Hat Place Cards

  1. I created one document with the names and clip art.  I found the witch and witch hat online (for free) and used the “trace” method to grab just the outline and fill it in.  I added a dashed line to the border of a bracket and printed them on label sheets.
  2. Next I cut a bigger bracket shape from orange card stock and adhered the name sticker to the background piece.  I was worried sticking the name sticker on wouldn’t line up, but the 4 points of the bracket made it easy to eye-ball it.
  3. Lastly, I created a new document with rectangles (2.5″ x3″) with a “hamburger” fold.  I had never used the perforation method on the silhouette before, and it worked great.  You just chose “dashed cut” from the cut menu on the center line of the rectangles.  Then stick your name piece to a tent piece with some tape or scrap-booking stickies. Done!!

I also created two printables that were printed on white card stock and cut out, they measure about 6″ wide and 8″ tall.  Then you can tape them to a background piece of paper or card stock and fill a frame!

I used “Bewitched” font for the place card names and “when witches go riding..”

Lastly, I created some cute mice to hang around the baseboard, getting the template from Martha herself.  I used the same “trace” tool and cut a sheet of mice from a piece of black card stock.  My mice are about 3″ tall.


2 responses to “Halloween Printables for Silhouette

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  2. What a hit all my cutouts were…thanks #1 and only Daughter…you rock, rather “cut” so nicely!!! Bewitched

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