Mud Room Renovations

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.  Mudroom Before…

Yes, got to love peeling paint, dirty walls and random blue cabinets…Now for the During!! In these photos we have painted the walls and are prepping for the floor paint.

And the Afters!  The room is about 90% complete.  Only thing left is to paint the cabinet, paint the door trim and add some hooks and hang some artwork, and maybe a mirror over the sink.  Installing the “peel-n-stick” baseboards was very easy and I like the way they turned out.  I would have liked the wood-like base boards, but that floor is so far from being level!!

The floor is a two part epoxy garage floor by Rustolem. It was very easy to roll down, the hardest part being all the prep work.  We removed most of the chipped floor paint when we first moved in, but this time we had to clean and de-grease then etch the bare concrete so the epoxy could have good adhesion.

Here are some more after photos, love the yellow and grey!


The wall color is Passive by SW, we got it in Behr Paint and Primer in One and used two coats with a spray gun.  The paint went on really smooth and was worth not having to clean the gun when switching from primer to paint.
The tutorial for the cubbie bench can be seen here, as well as the “You are my sunshine” subway artworkI created with my silhouette.  The artwork hangs over my washer and dryer, I will get a picture soon!

4 responses to “Mud Room Renovations

  1. Oh My Gosh Fix It and Git er Done! U2(not the band) are amazing…just love it…oh how i remember this ugly room and now a swan! And those shelves that Fix It Jr and Sr put together!!! Wow…can i buy that room? Love U2Momma

  2. Great job, nice to see the amazing transformation. Check out Sugarboo Designs, the "invisible thread," they have it at a gallery here in Houston … hint. AuntC.

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