DIY Cubbie Bench

I am the proud owner of a new storage bench! I can’t believe it has taken 2 years for us to find a storage solution for all our shoes.  Inspired by Ana White and her lovely website, I persuaded my sweet Father in Law and Hubby to tackle some plans for a three cubbie bench.  I found cute wire and burlap baskets I liked and decided to build the bench around them.  It wouldn’t be a genuine custom piece without some modifications, we made our bench longer, wider, and added beefier legs.  I am so glad the guys were here to help, I could not have done it alone.  There was some serious math going on in the garage!

We used a sheet of plywood for the top and bottom and middle dividers, and had it cut to the desired width at the store.  We used 2×2’s for the legs and 1×2’s for the trim on the front.  We used wood glue, screws and finishing nails to hold her all together.  After sanding, I primed with two coats of Kilz Primer, then two coats of white trim paint.
I found the cushion and pillows at HomeGoods, I was a little nervous I’d be ordering a custom sized cushion and would have to pay extra, but was happy when I found these.  Although not a perfect fit, I like the sunny yellow color.
Sydney dog decided to model the new bench.
The rug, also from HomeGoods started the color pallet.
The bench is the first step in the mudroom transformation.   (Edited to note: We finished the mudroom!! Check it out here!)  We’ve waited awhile to do this, but I think its going to look great.  We are planning to paint the floor with Porch Enamel, not sure what color.
Also, I am going paint the walls and ceiling, perhaps a soft grey/blue color and new white baseboards.  I’m also painting the existing blue cabinets to match the bench, and will add some molding to give it some umph.  Also going to make some art with the help of my silhouette.
Perhaps yellow or white lettering on grey background?
Something like this fabric for some cute curtain on the patio door.
Printed and framed on top of the cabinets.
I’m excited to get this area looking nice.  We walk though the mudroom everyday, it will be great to see it all cheery and clean!  In the mean time, at least my slippers have someplace cute to hang out in.

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