Silhouette Is Here!

Eeeek! I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet, and I’m soooo excited!  I wagered every holiday from Valentine’s Day till my birthday to get one as a present from Hubby!  I sold him on the idea because it can make vinyl transfers for his motorcycle..(like he’s ever going to get the chance to use it!!)

Have you heard of this wonderful machine? If you’ve read any DIY blogs, they are all the rage.  The Silhouette Cameomachine comes with different blade tips, and almost anything you can feed into the printer it will print/cut.  It works great on paper and vinyl but can work on other material too.

I want to share all the neat projects I’ve been dreaming up to use my Silhouette on.  Have you seen any creative projects?

Stickers & Labels

Don’t peek, you might get some Limoncello for Christmas 🙂 Oh, I NEED some of that striped twine, maybe in red?
Birthday Party Fun
I’ve wanted to make a birthday banner for a while.  I want something durable and fun colored that will last awhile and I can bring out for anyone’s birthday.

Word Art and Wall Stickers

This quote always makes me think of my Oma, I want to put it on a canvas so I can take it with me when I move.  I’m thinking some yellow and gray is pretty together.
The laundry room could use a catchy saying, don’t you think? Also want to post this on a canvas to take it with me 🙂
Glass Etching
I love this idea, what a cute gift to give!  Thanks to the best MIL Kim, we’ve tried cutting the vinyl by hand and it’s no fun, using the Silhouette will be much better!
Yes, that baby is a hard core sailor.  Yes, I want to make some tattoos for a birthday party or bachelorette party!

Great Free Ideas

Ah, there is so much crafting to do! Can’t wait 🙂

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