Oh…Well Hello!

Yeah, it’s been a while.  Somehow living life, and not blogging about it, got in the way.  I even had to read my last entry to see what I was up to.

I have been taking pictures of most of our projects, I hope to dedicate an entire post to each of them when we are done.  Things we’ve been working on: back-splash in the kitchen, working on The Chair (about 50% done!), cooking new recipes, running..
Not to mention trying to relax on the weekends…

We did go camping over Labor Day weekend and had fun with friends and the pup.  She learned to swim real fast when she fell out of the canoe!  I also got poison ivy…for the SECOND time this summer…blah.  The sweet lady who gave me a pedicure said putting top coat clear nail polish on it helps the spreading and ooozing, and she was right.  It helps it dry out and keeps me from itching..

On to more pleasant things..
I made this sweet potato and black bean enchilada that I am over the moon for! It’s creamy, healthy and filling, and was quick to put together! ahh! I’ll share the recipe next post.

I’ve fallen in love with another hobby..pinning stuff on pinterest.  If you join, which you should totally do, look me up! I love having a place to dog-ear all my favorite posts and ideas.  Then when its time to decorate for [fill in the blank] I have my inspiration ready!

On a side note, this Sydney girl hates when I blog! Every time I put my hands on the keyboard she wants loving..I guess that’s what we all want 🙂

Another side note…I’m looking for a new headboard for the guest room or our bedroom.  Can’t find one I want to spend a ton of money on [read: Restoration Hardware…gorgeous, but whew that’s a lot of cash], and don’t really need another project..what’s a girl to do? Any suggestions?


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