City By the Bay

As I walked through a living Train song, I kept telling myself, “You will be back to San Fransisco!”

While we only had a couple hours to walk around before heading south to Monterey, we managed to see a couple sites.  We ate a delicious brunch at a small cafe not far from my friends place, Judy’s Cafe.  The omelets, pumpkin loaf, and quesadillas were all delish…AND I managed to parallel park on the first try! Score me!!

We walked the couple blocks down to the wharf and saw the Golden Gate and Alcatraz in the bay.  I got my piece of free chocolate at the Ghirardelli store, the stopped in a cutsie cupcake store for a treat.  The cupcake was carmel and fluer de sal, sooo rich!!

We also stopped and got some taffy, do you notice a theme here..??!  I love how Kasey and I look so mesmerised by the candy..:)
We also drove on the most winding road in America, Lombard Street.  It has crazy switch backs at about a 75% grade.  Amazing view, but I was glad I wasn’t driving!
When I returned a couple days later, my good friend took me out to eat at Parma, I had the best salad and eggplant Parmesan!
I hope to recreate the salad soon, it had romaine lettuce, toasted pine nuts, Gorgonzola, a slice of grilled pear and vinaigrette! So good!!  It was great seeing my friend from high school, a lot has changed in the last six years!  She is getting married soon and I can’t wait for her wedding 🙂
Although only my first trip, I know I will be back.  There was too much I didn’t get to see and eat!  Save me San Fransisco!!

One response to “City By the Bay

  1. Awww, this is such a great post highlighting your travel and foodie experiences! It was so much fun to see you after so long and of course, I can't wait to see you in your lovely new sari at my wedding!

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