On the road again..

I just returned from a ten day work trip to New Mexico.  We did lots of work at night, slept during the day, ate green chile burgers, drank some beer, shared two port-o-potties for 6+ people, hiked up canyons and the like.  I also managed to watch a bunch of bad daytime television and made-for-tv movies while I drifted off to sleep.  On the plane and during some down time, I was able to read some good books.

My favorite read of the trip was the non-fiction “The Only Thing Worth Dying For” by Eric Blehm.  He tells the true story of a Green Beret A-Team who were sent to southern Afghanistan soon after 9/11 to battle the Taliban and help Hamid Karzai come to power.  After reading the book I felt like I knew the soldiers and had such respect for what they did. I don’t normally read this type of book, but I found it sobering and thrilling, I wanted to know what would happen next.  I do recommend to anyone, you don’t have to like books about modern military history.

Another great “book” I read was “The Clean Eating Diet: Recharged” by Tosca Reno.  Although not a book in the typical sense, it was defiantly not a fad diet cook book either.  I’ve been adopting more and more clean eating habits and reading this book reminded me how much I want to continue clean eating.  Tosca shares reader’s comments and tips on how to adopt the clean eating lifestyle.  She herself was out of shape in her late forties, then turned her life around with more energy and even entered body building competitions!  My new favorite things to eat, ground flaxseed in my oatmeal and fresh nut butters!

One day when we weren’t working, a group of us scampered up the San Lorenzo Canyon.  It was fun, and next time we will actually have to do the recommended hike.  We managed to avoid any forest fire smoke, although you could see the haze the coming over the mountains.  The smoke gave the setting sun such an intense red glow.


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