Clean Eating Tips and Food Journal

Here are some great tips from Molly, my friend’s sister who has toned up and looks great!
1.       Plan your meals the night before and put them in containers that are easily accessible so you can just grab them easily the next day.
2.       Try new things every few days so that you stay excited about it until you have found something you like enough to eat consistently
3.       Make A LOT of chicken at a time. Season it well and put it in the fridge so you can make it into wraps and stuff when you need it.
4.       Frozen yogurt is a good treat at night. It has kept dad and I going. If you have a publix…their berry granola and raspberry roadrunner frozen yogurts are AMAZING..but only do a little cupful each night
5.       Weigh yourself everyday because it keeps you going (usually)
6.       Set yourself a final goal and how much you have to lose each day to meet that goal (make it reasonable so you can be excited when you are meeting your goal. I have lost .2-.4 pounds every day and dad has lost on average .8…so choose something in between that)
7.       This egg salad is delicious
8.       Try new spices…Tony’s is the best thing ever
9.       Mustard ads flavor and is relatively ok for you
10.   Scrambled/well-seasoned egg whites make a delicious breakfast and addition to chicken wrap
11.   Broccoli and carrot slaw is a good way to ad crunch to wraps and sandwiches
12.   Always use whole-wheat or multi-grain wraps and sandwich breads
I’ve been keeping up with some of Molly’s tips and decided to keep a food journal.  I like keeping a food journal, it really helps to see what you put in your body every day.  I like to eat snacks (S) and lighter meals, I’m a grazer.
Day 1:
B: Skipped-bad Stephanie
S: 1 container fat free plain greek yogurt, 1 cup tropical fruit
L: Whole wheat tortilla with tuna salad (greek yogurt instead of mayo), spinach, sprouts Cup Kashi Go Lean cereal, cheese stick
S: Lara bar
D: grilled shrimp, spinach, brown rice
S: 2 whole grain banana honey muffins (also with greek yogurt)
Thoughts: I think dinner wasn’t filling enough, maybe a salad would have been good too, then I wouldn’t have been so hungry for muffins.  Also, Lara bar didn’t keep me full but more than 2 hours, might find better way to spend 250 calories.
Day 2:
B: Cottage cheese, fruit, vanilla protein powder smoothie
S: none
L: Sandwich thin ham and cheese Panini, carrots, 1 whole grain banana honey muffin
S: none
D: turkey burger, sandwich thin, slice cheese, grapes
S: banana muffin
Thoughts: Need to remember morning snack, almonds and dried fruit would be good.  Got busy after lunch, was very hungry before dinner.
Day 3:
B: cup Kashi Go Lean cereal, original light soy milk, berries
S: hand full of almonds
L: Turkey and ham, spinach, laughing cow cheese whole grain wrap, v-8 juice, carrots
S: Food Should Taste Good Chips (1.5 oz)
D: Greek chicken, whole grain pita, feta, tomatoes, spinach
S: banana muffin
Thoughts: it was a good day, never felt too hungry.

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