A Fresh Start

As my thesis work is winding down and the thought of graduating has me giddy, I can’t help but reflect on the last year and a half.  A lot has happened, a new house, a new husband (well, first and only husband), starting a new job, maybe a new pet?  I know it’s not January, but I finally feel calm enough to think about the new year and all the exciting possibilities…

I started my first week of 8 week half marathon training (!!) Just writing that down seems like a big commitment.  I am still somewhat hesitant about finishing 13.1 miles, but I think I will come around.  I just want to finish within the same day I start the race!  I know the mental stamina is going to be just as tough as the physical aspect.  I’ve been borrowing a friend’s GPS running watch, and it is awesome!  I love knowing my distance and pace, it keeps me motivated, even if I am slow.  Slow and steady baby!

I can’t wait to finish up some renovation projects with my hubby.  I’ve put a lot of projects on hold to focus on school, and now that its almost over I have no more excuses.  I think we are going to tackle the baseboards and molding first.  It has been a year since we took up the carpet and refinished our hard wood floors.  We still haven’t painted and installed all of the base boards yet!  Next I want to refinish an old coffee table that was given to me, I’m thinking some silver antiqued paint with mirror overlays, similar to the Hayworth collection at Pier 1.

Ahh..how could I forget about the garden! I can not wait for some warmer days to go out and start prepping the  garden space for my veggies. I’ve started the seedlings inside in seed pods, they will still take another 4-6 weeks to sprout and harden off.  I’ve got some tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos, zucchini and herbs.  As much as I hate northern winters, I love the spring and summer!

I haven’t been to adventurous in the kitchen lately, I think once the spring produce starts arriving I will be more inspired.  I’m trying to cook and eat super healthy for the half marathon training, but we’ll see how that goes.  I tried a whole food “diet” before where you try and eat everything as close to nature intended it.  Its definitely an adjustment, and more expensive than normal groceries, but I think worth trying.  It feels good that you aren’t filling up your body with fillers and chemicals.  Right now, I’m trying to limit my sweet tooth, but sometimes I feel I should just go cold turkey.  Its so hard just eating ONE cookie!! 🙂

Well, I have a lot on my plate coming up..can’t wait to get started on all the exciting new goals!


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